About Us.

We believe in freedom of press. We also believe that the basic premise of the concept must not include any form of monopoly or mass consolidation of power. The idea that mass media powers its own enterprise is an old one & a good one but in 2017 it’s a basic & accepted fact but the larger concern seems to revolve around influence rather than self preservation. Just wait for the next ramming via vehicle & see the cameras scramble. The problem with big media is clear, we learn to see news as truth & they lie. Agenda comes before fact & share prices matter more than accuracy. The independent journalist is more vital than ever in a world where belief & opinion are directed by increasingly personal & focussed attempts to give us what we want more of, not what we should genuinely know. We feel that these issues are increasing & that social networking has become the beating black heart of misinformation.

Welcome to #b4dbug5. We are building a space for those who would like a backdoor to the world of altnews & information that sits behind the facade of the mainstream media & provides an alternative to the beast.