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And the battle for the BEST looking gear begins…

Hey Guys,

Drummers and Guitarists have been battling for the lime-light since the dawn of time. Who has the coolest hair-cut, who’s turn it is for a solo and most importantly….who has the baddest looking gear!

Now if you’ve seen their hit movie Some Kind of Monster, you’d know that Metallica are a band who aren’t short of dramatic scene between band-mates.

It might have been this underlying tension or just the plain fact that sparkle was all the rage at the time, either way it was the competitive spirit between drummer Lars and guitarist Kirk that led to his signature Purple Sparkle Guitar.

For their Hardwired Tour, Lars actually had Tama change the colour of his drum kit going from an Orange finish to a new Purple Sparkle finish. As the story has it, the moment Kirk saw the shiny new kit he instantly requested that ESP make him a guitar with the exact same finish.

So the Kirk Hammett ESP LTD KH-602 Purple Sparkle Guitar was born.

Check out the video on our Facebook page as we take a deeper look into what makes this guitar so awesome!



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