⚐ This place is for the BULLE77 and you are here for a fiend.

This space is a tribute to the man, the mountain, the monstrous, the massive and weathered, smoked and leathered beast of beauty that is the Bullet ⸫

This is a place for us all to leave our mark. This is where we can be messy and creepy and post vids & imgs of Craigie in his travels. We can talk to our old old odd friends & hospital new and found family friends and know that we are serene in the moment. so you can be your badass self & give us the gossip

We want this site to be a melange, a trifle, a key lime pie or perhaps a pancake of Craigie, a layered pancake with vanilla ice cream, bananas, maple-syrup and fried bacon with a helping of Bullet and Biggie and Bear and Bulley and the mega-Phantom on the sea-bed ⸫ We know you’re out there & we know you know a creature of many faces so please, help us make a delicious cake… and bacon ∴

You should know that #fakenews isn’t a fresh concern here at BULLE77 & we are comfortable with the idea of a liquid truth so fire when ready and set your sites for collateral damage  We want your stories, we want histories, we want your tall tales & blurred epics & notes taken off toilet walls ⸫

Spare Nothing. Spare No One . Save Everything. Share Everything…. Give it to BULLE77

∵ Use the form below to send in your txt. Use this fcebk page to upload photos to the Bullog, to contribute news items or share blogs or just some raw; mainline opinion.